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  1. Leprechaun Moustache

    Leprechaun Moustache


    A green moustache for your St. Patty's day fun! Learn More
    Item #: 60060-15w

  2. Leprechaun Sideburns

    Leprechaun Sideburns


    Green Sideburns to help you celebrate your St. Patty's Day! Learn More
    Item #: 60026-15w

  3. Green Top Hat with Buckle

    Green Top Hat with Buckle


    A fun green top hat for a leprechaun or St Patty's day. Learn More
    Item #: 21140-14w

  4. Light Green Eyelashes

    Light Green Eyelashes


    A fun pair of eyelashes to celebrate St. patty's day! Learn More
    Item #: EC10-86w

  5. Patty McPhatty

    Patty McPhatty


    Allow 4-6 weeks for delivery. Are you dead Sexy? If so, Patty McPhatty is your man! In this traditional Scottish outfit, Patty played both the bagpipes and Evil's right hand man. Our titanic Phat man is large in size but light in weight. Learn More
    Item #: D856-1wxx Rental Available

  6. Patty Parrot

    Patty Parrot


    Due to the fact that all Mascots are made to order, All Sales are Final! Allow 4-6 weeks for delivery Learn More
    Item #: M189-79w

  7. Scottish Pouch

    Scottish Pouch


    Small pouch can be added to your Scottish or Irish costumes Learn More
    Item #: 71441-15w

  8. Patty McPhatty Adult Costume

    Patty McPhatty Adult Costume

    $100.95 Deposit
    Item #: D856R

8 Item(s)

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