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Seventeen Seventy Six (1776)

1776 dramatizes the events leading up to the signing of the Declaration of Independence.

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Currently shipping rental costumes to all 50 states, Costume Holiday House offers a choice of arrival dates to accommodate your rehearsal schedule. Each costume comes bagged, individually tagged, and fully accessorized to make your final preparations before opening night as easy as possible.

We at Costume Holiday House look forward to assisting you in costuming your production. Whether you are a long time customer or this is your first time working with us, we hope that you find the quality of our staff and service helpful enough that you come back again and again and again.

For over 50 years of costuming excellence Costume Holiday House has been providing quality costumes at affordable prices for High Schools, Colleges, Community Theatres, Operas and Professional stock companies. With over 50,000 quality costumes, our competent staff of theatrical professionals are anxious to serve your every need. Please, feel free to contact us for any question inquires or special needs for your next production.

About This Show

1776 dramatizes the events leading up to the signing of the Declaration of Independence. As the play begins, the representatives of the original thirteen colonies have gathered together in Philadelphia for the 2nd Continental Congress, and John Adams is attempting to deliver his proposal for independence, but the other delegates are in no mood to listen to the unpopular Adams’ ramblings, and his proposal is quickly dismissed. Adams then vents his frustrations to his colleague, Benjamin Franklin, who wisely suggests that they convince some other, more popular Congressman to propose independence. They find their man in Richard Henry Lee of Virginia. However, even coming from the well-liked Lee, the proposal seems headed for defeat when John Dickinson, staunchly opposed to independence, puts in place a motion which requires that the vote for independence be unanimous. With the proposal heading for certain defeat, Adams improvises a proposal calling for the composition of a declaration of some sort, explaining to the world the reasons for the proposed separation from England. Only after the drafting of this document is complete can the vote take place. The other delegates agree, and a reluctant Thomas Jefferson is appointed to draft the declaration. Having secured a little time, Adams and Franklin set about swaying the other delegates to their way of thinking. Meanwhile, John Dickinson tries to keep the opposition intact, and helping his cause is the fact that General George Washington’s courier keeps relaying discouraging dispatches from the army’s training grounds. When the Declaration of Independence is finally read before the Congress, Edward Rutledge of South Carolina attacks a passage that condemns slavery. Adams and Jefferson staunchly defend the passage, but when virtually all of the representatives from the South walk out, they realize that the slavery clause will have to be sacrificed. Independence is, after all, the goal. And as Benjamin Franklin puts it, “If we don’t secure that, what difference will the rest make?” Again, the delegates are gathered, and the final vote is tallied. In the end, the deciding vote belongs to James Wilson of Pennsylvania. In the past, he has always sided with fellow Pennsylvanian John Dickinson, but when he realizes that his vote will forever brand him as “the man who prevented American independence,” he caves in, choosing instead to side with Adams and Franklin. The proposal passed, the declaration is ready for signatures. And as the Liberty Bell begins to ring, each delegate contemplates the future, knowing full well that if the war is lost, they will all be hanged for treason. 1776 opened at the 46th Street Theatre on March 16, 1969 with a cast that featured William Daniels (John Adams), Howard Da Silva (Benjamin Franklin), Ken Howard (Thomas Jefferson), Ronald Holgate (Richard Henry Lee), Paul Hecht (John Dickinson), Clifford David (Edward Rutledge), and Betty Buckley (Martha Jefferson). The production enjoyed a run of 1,217 performances. Daniels, Da Silva, Howard, and Holgate reprised their roles in the 1972 film version.

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Pam is ALWAYS so knowledgeable and helpful. I can count on her no matter what.”

Cathy A., Delaware Ohio

Stellar customer service! I appreciate the employee taking the time to show me the different brands of stage makeup. And I was very impressed and grateful for all her knowledge of application techniques”

Lisa P., Columbus, Ohio

“Our costumes were great! It’s so nice to rent costumes instead of taking the time to purchase everything you need for a show. It made everything so easy and hassle free.”

Linda, Columbus

This is our go to place for all things costume! We love to dress up for any occasion that has a theme and this place has everything including expert advice from the staff! Weve never rented a costume or anything like that but we buy or prosthetic materials, make up and other costume accessories here. Definitely recommend it!!

Phillip S., Columbus Ohio

“Costume Holiday House is the best! I love having a year round Halloween store. I rented a mascot costume one year. This year your store had the hat I couldn’t find anywhere else. Thank you so much. Awesome staff very helpful and knowledgeable.”

Kiwi L., Columbus, Ohio

Perfect place for a screaming good time. Knowledgeable staff always on hand. We go all the time and always come away without a frightening cost. Rentals are awesome and the discounted costume pieces are top rate. I recommend anyone to find the time to check it out!!!” 

Roy M., Fremont, Ohio

“We rented Aladdin Jr, and it was so easy and everyone loved the costumes. We will definitely be renting again. Thanks so much!”

Liz H., Bunsold Middle School

They have such great costumes and extras for all your costume needs all year round.

They have a children’s section as well as extras for any existing costume you might have already, and need to renew our replace accessories. They also have a large selection of costumes for your organization, church or group and have all the up to date make up and wigs for every need you might have.

Overall I would say that most any item you might need quickly you would have available year round and not need to pay extra to have it delivered from an online source.
Staff have always been pleasant when or family visits as well as helpful.

Michelle S., Fremont, Ohio

This was the only store that I could find that had what I needed, and Pam went out of her way to help me out big time. Major kudos to this place and to Pam. I can tell that a lot of care is put into The Costume Holiday House, so I’d highly recommend it!

Ben Bridgwater, PA – Thank you for the great service!

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