Show Profile: The Music Man

Show Profile

The Music Man

Music and Lyrics by Meredith Wilson

Examples of Suits for Leads and Chorus from "Music Man"

Since its premiere in 1957, “The Music Man” has been delighting audiences on and off Broadway. This musical is great for cast of all shape and sizes, featuring several women’s roles, song and dance numbers, a barbershop quartet and opportunities for young actors. “The Music Man” is also a family friendly musical which is perfect for community theaters and younger audiences.

It’s the story of the outwardly charming (while inwardly conning) Harold Hill, the traveling salesman and “music professor” He sets his sights on the citizen of River City Iowa convincing the parents to form a band to keep their sons away from the dangers of the pool hall. The problem is that Harold Hill doesn’t know “one note from another”

He gets more than he bargained for with the skeptic Mayor Shinn, scheming rival salesman Charlie Cowell and the hard nosed librarian Marion Paroo. Can Harold Hill bring harmony to River City and find love at the same time?

The town "gossips" Eulalie Shinn and her Pick-a-little Ladies

Popular tunes include “Goodnight my Someone”, “Shioopi” “Well Fargo Wagon” “Till there was You” and the show stopping “76 Trombones”

Time Period: “Turn of the Century” 1912, American Mid-West

3 pieces sack suits for the men, Colorful dress and hats for women, period child’s attire

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Harold Hill’s ordinary suit reverse onstage to reveal his stunning band uniform

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