R-Vict W Steampunk

Victorian Steampunk Rental Includes 2 piece Victorian western dress, gear broach, zipper necklace, mini-top hat. (Additional accessories not pictured: finger less gloves, spats) *Style & color of rentals will depend on sizes and availability*

Steampunk is a style that has been growing popular over the past few years, and could be applied to almost any era, though is most commonly associated with the Victorian era. With the idea of the absence of technology with steam powered machinery, the concept of steam punk is a fantasy anyone and everyone can become involved in with just a little bit of imagination!

The most popular form of Steampunk, you can easily transform any Victorian costume fashionably acceptable to your next clockwork party! Add a brass broach of gears, a top hat complete with pocket watch, spats and some finger-less lace gloves. Lastly, don’t forget that cane for that last bit of flare!

Vict Man

1…2…3…DRAW! No town is big enough for the two of you when you strap on your bowler, goggles, and holster. We have some great steam punk style guns to complete your look, or eve geared bowtie for something a bit less wild and a bit more flashy.

Rule over the seas with the most advanced powered costume there is! With steam punk eye patches and goggles, flying boots, and steam powered pistols, you’ll be the winner of this costume duel!

Apocalypse Pirate

From damsel to dauntless, you can turn the perfect princess into a spunky fearless rebel. Shorten your skirt and put on your boots for a little more daring adventure. Loose the Tiara for a more teased look in your hair, adding maybe a top hat or ribbon for a bit of spice. Don’t forget your leather armor, ready for any dragon or danger that might head your way!

Rebel Snow White

Already have a look but just need the accessories to get the true Steampunk fashion? From boot tops to hats, jewelry, and masks, we have what you need to make your costume perfect!