Yay Buckeyes!

It’s weird to drive down High Street and see it filled with college students at this time of year. Since Ohio State has moved from quarters to semesters starting this fall all the students are back a month early. Many are indifferent about the change, but some that I talked to seem to like it better because that means they are on campus to watch the first couple Buckeye games. Usually they miss the first couple games, but Saturday’s first game of the season was a great one. With the shoe packed full of OSU fans Miami didn’t stand a chance. Chalk another win for OSU with a 56-10 victory! Hopefully this will be the trend we will see out of the new coach Urban Meyer. GO BUCKS!

The Ohio Comic-Con is coming to Columbus at the end of the month. Sept. 28-30th. Stan Lee with actually be here in the city! How exciting. Get your tickets soon they might sell out fast!

If you want to see an awesome musical Shadowbox Live will present the award-winning musical Chicago at 7 p.m. next Sunday and 2 and 7 p.m. Sundays through Nov. 11 at 503 S. Front St. Tickets cost $30, or $20 for students and senior citizens. Call 614-416-7625 or visit www.shadowboxlive.org. They always do a great job and was voted one of the best in Columbus Alive.

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