Small Casts to keep Theatre Alive

Theatre is striving to survive during this difficult time. One of the ways we can keep theatre alive with social distancing is with small cast shows! Here is but a small list of shows to help keep the arts alive that we could help you costume!

A cast of 4 characters, this is the perfect production for safe social distancing and to show off those male vocals.


Also a cast of 4, but female, this jukebox musical will have you reminiscing old hits while keeping a safe distance.




A slapstick comedy for 5 women, this production will have you rolling around in your seats all night.


Have a huge stage, but need to cut down on capacity? Into the Woods is the perfect musical for ongoing action, comedy, unforgettable songs and the ability to keep people safe.


For information on what productions we can costume, available costume plots, or our updated 2021 theatre packet, click on the links to our website!