8 Reasons to Rent Your Costume this Halloween

Better Quality

If you want to dress to impress this Halloween, renting your costume is the way to go! Rental costumes are MUCH higher quality than the packaged costumes you can buy. They are built from better fabrics and trims and are professionally sewn. They are typically lined and have real closures; no Velcro. Basically, retail costumes are made for one-time use, rental costumes are made to last!


While most packaged costumes are similar in price (occasionally cheaper) than rental costumes, a retail costume of similar quality would be much more expensive to buy. A high quality, or “Deluxe”, packaged costume is going to run you anywhere from $100 to $600. A rental costume of the same or better quality will cost between $45.95 and $125.95 for a one week rental.

No Cleaning

Part of the beauty of renting a costume is that you don’t have to worry about cleaning it! You pick it up, you wear it, you drop it off. We have a laundry facility on-site that professionally cleans the costumes. The price of cleaning is already included in the rental price. How easy is that? Added bonus: You can be sure that the costume you’re renting has been properly cleaned!

No Storage

Unless you do theatre or attend a lot of theme parties, what are the chances that you will wear your costume again? How many of us have a box in a storage space somewhere full of costumes we wore one time? With a rental costume you don’t have to worry about storing it, or finding it again when you need it! And if you decide that you do want to wear your rental costume again, you can just rent it again!

More Options

There are only so many styles of packaged costumes you can buy. There are literally thousands of rental costumes you can rent. You want to be a princess? What time period? What style? What color? Do you want a tiara or a hat? Do you want gloves? Do you want a hoopskirt or a petticoat? We have LOTS of options!


As stated above, there are only so many packaged costumes in the world. And those packaged costumes don’t come with interchangeable pieces. Rental costumes can be mixed and matched. You can have a black shirt instead of a white shirt, a long skirt instead of a short skirt, a hat instead of a headband, etc. The possibilities are endless!


Have you ever gone to a Halloween party and discovered that you’re wearing the same outfit as someone else? With a rental costume, you will not have to worry about that! Most rental costumes are one-of-a-kind. If you are concerned about having the same rental costume as someone else, we will write down what party you are attending and make sure that no one else rents the same costume for that party.

Better Fit

With a rental costume, you don’t have to hope and pray that it will fit right. We have professional seamstresses on staff who will alter the costume to your specific measurements, for a small fee. Rental costumes also come in a much wider range of sizing options, which increases the chances that we will have something in the right size!


When you buy a packaged costume it usually only includes the main parts of the outfit. If you’re lucky it will include a few accessories. Then you have to buy a hat, gloves, tights, etc. which adds to the cost. When you rent a costume it includes all of the accessories. For example, our flapper rentals include a dress, a feathered headband, long gloves, a pearl necklace and a feather boa or fur stole. You can also add a pair of tights for no additional cost.