Do Halloween Masks Predict the Next President?


Political Mask sales forecast Election results: Truth or Myth?[slideshow]

Fremont, OH, October 17, 2012 – Even with the economy in a state of flux, this Halloween should be a strong season for costume sales. “Every Presidential election year is usually our biggest Halloween over the previous three years,” says Gregg Kerns, President of Costume Holiday House, whose company has been in business since 1959.

So why is the election year so popular? “People get so tired of hearing all the negative campaigning in the month of October, that by the time Halloween arrives, they are ready to party and have some fun,” says Kerns. Many consumers turn to political masks as their costume of choice. This year, Obama masks are out selling Romney masks 3 to 2.  Does this tell us who will win?

According to Kerns, the answer is no. “There’s a myth in the costume industry that whichever mask sells the most, will win. Most consumers actually buy the opposite of who they vote for and use the mask as a parody. Consumer feedback has shown us that a lot of Presidential election masks are purchased to “make fun” of a particular candidate.”

The truth is, once a candidate is elected President, his mask will continue to sell. “Reagan, Clinton, Bush, and Nixon still sell”, says Kerns. “The manufacturers are not going to produce more masks of a challenger than the incumbent. This year, there were 60% Obama and 40% Romney masks made. Obama masks will always sell whatever the outcome.”

Candidate masks have always been a hit, but this year it should stimulate the economy in retail sales. Whoever wins the battle of the political mask, one thing is for certain, consumers will have more fun in costume for Halloween 2012. Visit one of our three permanent locations in Fremont, Toledo and Columbus, OH with over 50,000 costume rentals. Or, check us online at