Movies, Movies, Movies

Well it’s here.. the end of school for most kids here in Ohio. End of the year school projects are almost done and students are getting summer break fever! These past few weeks have been crazy with all the Ben Franklins and  Abraham Lincolns.  With the end of school comes vacations, time by the pool and getting out of the heat by enjoying an afternoon movie. There are so many good ones to choose from this summer!

The new Pirates of the Caribbean is out now, and we have a ton of pirate costumes and accessories to help you become the best scally-wag on board!

The Hangover 2 has been getting some really good feedback and reviews. Just the other day, a group of people were going to see the movie and they all wanted to look like a character from the movie. We got them hooked up. With items such as a bald cap and a beard, black detailz paint for the face tattoo, and some aviator sunglasses they were ready to go!

I know that everyone here is anxiously waiting for the last Harry Potter! Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 2 is due to come out July15th. Dressing up for the premier? You’ll need a robe and a wand, maybe some glasses and a scarf. For those of you that want to be on the sexier side we have the perfect costume for you!

X-Men: First Class is also one coming out soon. I think everyone here will be sporting their storm wigs, and maybe a vintage wolverine costume.

For all the kiddos out there Kung Fu Panda has been a hit. Wouldn’t you believe we have stuff for that movie too? Panda costumes, panda masks, ninja costumes for adults and kids. Fake snakes and tiger costumes.

None of those tickle your fancy? How about these other movies coming out this summer:

Transformers: Dark of the Moon – I’ve always been a sucker for a camaro.

Zookeeper (with Kevin James) Looks hilarious!

Winnie the Pooh – a classic child cartoon for all those little ones.

Captain America: The First Avenger -He fights for America and it’s ideals!

The Smurfs – Glad to see them back! It takes me back to good ol’ Smurfin 80’s

Whatever it is that you like, Costume Holiday House is your place. Stop by any of our 3 stores or check out our website to help you plan your next movie outting!