Only 8 Days Until Christmas

Christmas is only 8 days away!

2020 has been a hard year for everyone. This year, more than any, proves just how important it is to shop local. Know that friend or family member who has been bumming out hard from theatres being closed the majority of the year? Well, we have a slew of items available for them!

Brighten their Christmas with high quality theatrical makeup! Makeup can get very expensive, and the high quality brands are hard to find year round. We keep our makeup stocked year round for whomever needs it; and this year everyone could use a little more cheer!

Ben Nye Professional Cream Makeup Kit-0Paradise Makeup AQ Colors - Professional Size-103030

Tights and gloves are always needed to complete an outfit! And what better way to help someone finish that one cosplay they’ve always been looking to complete? No one can forget how a pair of black and yellow bumblebee tights could make someone’s day.

Girls Stripe Tights-0Shredded Black Opaque Footless Tights-0Rainbow Fingerless Fishnet Gloves-0

It is 2020, and everyone needs a throwback outfit. A wide variety of 20’s Flapper dresses and gangster suits are available to you to help you restart the new year!

Gatsby Flapper Adult Costume-0Glamour Flapper Plus Size Costume-0

And of course, there are always our Santa Hats. Santa hats always bring a happy and festive

Santa Hat - Monarch-0Santa Hat - Royale-0