Theatre Season Already?!

I just got back from the first conference of the year. Thanks to the American Alliance of Theatre  & Education for being such good hosts and so well organized in Lexington, Kentucky this year.  I ran into friends from SETC, Youth Plays, Dramatic Publishing and got to meet some great people from New York to Georgia to California. 

For all the fun I had, it means that school’s back in session, auditions are being held, and fall plays are getting started. While I’ll be doing my best to get out to conferences to meet directors in person, it’s never too early to start figuring out costumes. We’ve got a reservation for The Little Mermaid Jr. for July 2013 already, and we’d love to be able to help you with your show, so get in touch with me at and let’s dig in and get going!

Have a great year, and I hope to see you all at a conference sometime this season (keep an eye out for special giveaways if you can make it to our booth).