Why Rent Costumes for your Production?

Celebrating 60 years of Costume Holiday House

Ask any actor or actress, and they will tell you that stepping into a costume helps truly bring a character they are playing to life. Sometimes being in charge of costumes can create a bigger headache than it needs to be. That’s where Costume Holiday House’s Theatre Rental services come in.

Here are a list of 5 reasons as to why you should rent from us.

1. Less Hassle
Depending on the size of your cast and how many characters each actor is playing, that can add up to a lot of costumes exceedingly quickly. And with tech week looming ahead, sometimes it’s hard to remember what costumes you have and what you still need. When you rent costumes, that’s an entire side of a production you do not have to worry about through the entire rehearsal process, and you can focus on other things.

2. Cost and Time Efficient
Yes, renting can be expensive, but when you’re looking to rent for a specific time period or something that has a lot of little pieces, the dollar signs start adding up. Not everyone has piles of Victorian clothes sitting in their closet waiting to be used, or the time and sewing skills to make enough costumes for an entire cast. In addition, finding purchasable period attire online can rip a hole through your wallet with just one person‘s costume.

3. Fittings Take Less Time
When you rent with Costume Holiday House, all you have to do is follow the measurement guidelines, send them in, and wait for your costumes to arrive for tech week. You don’t have to worry about what you have in your closet, who it will and won’t fit, what you need to go out and buy. And when the costumes come, we alter them to the measurements you’ve given us. This way all you need to do is have the actor’s try them on and they are ready to go! Don’t like something or it doesn’t fit properly? No problem! We can send you replacement costumes before the start of your show!

4. You Get More For Your Money
When you rent, we accessorize the whole costume and make it look cohesive, and not like you jumbled a bunch of pieces together last minute. It comes with the full ensemble- the suit, the shirt, gloves, hat, etc. With our Summer Sizzler and Frozen pricing, that’s less than $40 for an entire costume for your actor- all the pieces pulled, altered, and put together. Even during the middle of the Theatre Seasons, the more costumes you get through us, the price goes down per costume, and those start at $55/costume. Specialty priced costumes are not included in this pricing.

5. Quality and Quantity
Costume Holiday House has been in business for 60 years, since 1959. Since then, our stock has grown to over 75,000 costumes. Our costumes are made with the theatre in mind- with thicker fabrics used to withstand the need to alter costumes as well as full productions that last for weeks. We have costumes that range in style from the Medieval period up through the modern age, so it’s easy for us to costume almost any show.

So why don’t you give us a chance if you have never rented from us before and let us make your show less stressful!