Shrek the Musical! – Rental Costumes Available

Shrek the Musical!

Here at Costume Holiday House, we always try to stay on top of the game. Through collaboration with several licensing agencies, including Musical Theatre International, we are able to find out which plays and musicals are becoming available, and which ones are going to be popular.

Last year, when we found out that Shrek the Musical was going to be released, our head costume designer began researching the show. She was able to collaborate with the director at Celina High School in Ohio, to come up with a professional, yet functional, set of costumes for the show.

Shrek Costumes

Little Shrek with his parents, Mama and Papa Ogre


Little Fiona with her parents, Queen Lillian and King Harold


Little Shrek surrounded by the Happy People of the chorus.

cel-hs-shrek-021_full cel-hs-shrek-022_full

Shrek, all grown up!


Tweedle Dee & Tweedle Dum, the Sugar Plum Fairy, the Mad Hatter and a Witch!


The Three Pigs and the Three Blind Mice


Pinnochio, with a group of fairytale creatures, talking to a Guard


Papa Bear, the White Rabbit, Mama Bear and Baby Bear

cel-hs-shrek-037_full cel-hs-shrek-039_full

Shrek surrounded by Fairytale creatures including: Mad Hatter, the Tweedles, Pinocchio, White Rabbit, Witch, the 3 Bears, the 3 Pigs, Big Bad Wolf, Cobblers Elf, Peter Pan, Sugar Plum Fairy, Ugly Duckling and Humpty Dumpty!


Best buds, Shrek and Donkey


Lord Farquaad with his Guards


Lord Farquaad with his Duloc Performers


Princess Fiona


Princess Fiona, Lord Farquaad and Shrek at the Wedding


Fiona in her true Ogress form

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