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Lion King Theatrical Costumes Available! January 25, 2016

When you build a show from scratch, it takes a lot of time, energy, and talented hands that come together to make it happen. Lion King is the kind of show you wish you had months to perfect, especially when you are trying to do justice to the original Broadway production. In our case, it took four full and part-time stitchers, one designer/cutter, one mask fabricator, and several very helpful coworkers to create costumes for Lion King Jr. In three weeks we built 106 costumes for three different Lion King Jr. productions! From time intensive costumes like Rafiki’s embroidered tunic and beaded collar to mind bending projects like mask headpiece engineering, our team went above and beyond the call of duty. We are pleased and proud to now offer Lion King Jr. for rental!

FAQ’s: Ohio’s Tax Holiday at Costume Holiday House August 6, 2015

1. What and when is the sales tax holiday?

A one-time sales tax holiday to occur only in 2015. The holiday starts on Friday, August 7, 2015 at 12:01 a.m. and ends on Sunday, August 9, 2015 at 11:59 p.m.

2. What items at Costume Holiday House qualify for the sales tax holiday?

During the holiday, any item of clothing priced at $75 or less is exempt from sales and use tax.


3. What items do NOT qualify?

While clothing is eligible for the holiday, the following items are not eligible for the holiday and are subject to tax during the holiday period:

  • Items purchased for use in a trade or business.
  • Clothing accessories or equipment.  Clothing accessories or equipment include: briefcases; cosmetics; hair notions, including, but not limited to, barrettes, hair bows, and hair nets; handbags; handkerchiefs; jewelry; sun glasses (non-prescription); umbrellas; wallets; watches; and wigs and hair pieces.
  • Protective equipment.  Protective equipment includes: breathing masks; clean room apparel and equipment; ear and hearing protectors; face shields; hard hats; helmets; paint or dust respirators; protective gloves; safety glasses and goggles; safety belts; tool belts; and welders gloves and masks.
  • Sewing equipment and supplies including, but not limited to, knitting needles, patterns, pins, scissors, sewing machines, sewing needles, tape measures, and thimbles; and sewing materials that become part of “clothing” including, but not limited to, buttons, fabric, lace, thread, yarn, and zippers.
  • Sports or recreational equipment.  Sport or recreational equipment includes ballet and tap shoes; cleated or spiked athletic shoes; gloves, including, but not limited to, baseball, bowling, boxing, hockey, and golf; goggles; hand and elbow guards; life preservers and vests; mouth guards; roller and ice skates; shin guards; shoulder pads; ski boots; waders; and wetsuits and fins.
  • Belt buckles sold separately.
  • Costume masks sold separately.
  • Patches and emblems sold separately.

4. Can I buy multiple items, if the total is more than $75?

Yes, as long as each item is under $75, there is no limit on the amount of the total purchase. The qualification is determined item by item.

5.  If I have an item that is more than $75, is the first $75 exempt from taxes?

 No. The exemption applies to items selling for $75 or less. If an item of clothing sells for more than $75, tax is due on the entire selling price.

6. What about sets containing both exempt and taxable items?

When exempt clothing, accessories, or footwear are sold together with taxable merchandise as a set or single units, the full price is subject to sales tax unless the price is separately stated.

7. How are coupons and discounts handled?

If an eligible item is discounted to $75 or less, the item will qualify for the exemption. This applies to all discounts even if a retailer’s coupon or loyalty card is required to secure the discount.

8. Does the exemption apply to repairs, alterations, or items for rent?

The exemption does not apply to taxable services, such as alterations performed on clothing, accessories, or footwear, or to any rental costs.

9. Does the exemption apply to telephone and internet orders?

Qualified items sold by telephone or Internet shall qualify for the sales tax exemption if the consumer orders and pays for the item during the exemption period, even if delivery is made after the exemption period.  However, if the order and payment were made before the sales tax holiday, even if the item was delivered during the sales tax holiday, it would not qualify for the exemption.

10. Does the exemption apply to shipping and handling charges?

If all items in a shipment qualify as eligible items and the sales price for each is within the sales tax holiday price threshold, the shipping and handling charges are not taxable. If the shipment includes exempt items and taxable items, the retailer must charge tax on the portion of the shipping and handling charges allocated to the taxable items in the shipment.

11. How should retailers handle exchanges and returns?

  • If a consumer buys an eligible item during the sales tax holiday and later exchanges it for the same item in a different size or color, the retailer should not charge sales tax even if the exchange is made after the end of the sales tax holiday.
  • If a consumer buys an eligible item during the sales tax holiday and returns the item after the tax holiday period for credit on the purchase of a different item, the retailer must charge sales tax on the sale of the newly purchased item, even if it would have been eligible for the exemption during the sales tax holiday.
  • If a consumer buys an eligible item before the holiday period, but returns the item during the sales tax holiday period and receives credit on the purchase of a different item of eligible property, no sales tax is due on the sale of the new item.  The retailer must provide the consumer credit for both the purchase price and sales tax paid on the item being returned.

Customer Appreciation Sale! June 18, 2015


Costume Holiday House, Inc.



15% OFF Makeup

20% OFF All Costumes and Accessories

At our Fremont location only, we are selling HUNDREDS of our retired rental costumes!



June 18-20, July 16-18, August 13-15

Thursday & Friday 10am-5pm, Saturday 10am-2pm



Fremont location: 3038 Hayes Avenue

Columbus location: 851 Bethel Road, Olentangy Plaza

Toledo location: 5300 Monroe Street



So you can have costumes for your Halloween costume, Cosplay events and Theatrical Productions!



Receive 10% off your next Show Rental if you spend $300 or more!

Receive 5% off your next Show Rental if you take a tour of our facility!

The Best Costume Ideas for Children’s Birthday Parties May 18, 2015

Having a theme party is a great way to make a birthday memorable for your child. But, fun-themed decorations and food aren’t the only way to make their day special; costumes are a great way to take the party to the next level! Costumes will enhance the decor of your party and will make for some very special photos!

Costumes also make great gifts! Creating a dress-up chest for your child will make for a very imaginative and fun playtime!

Here are a few of our top costume ideas for children’s birthday parties!



Ahoy, mateys and lassies! A pirate party is a great theme for both boys and girls! But pirate costumes can be lots of fun for parents, too! Maybe the kids can wear full pirate wear, while the parents dress-up with accessories like pirate swords, bandanas, hats and eyepatches! You can even give out pirate party favors, like necklaces or rings! We have a large selection of classic pirate costumes, as well as costumes from the Pirates of the Carribean movies.



Bippity, boppity, boo! Your little girl can live happily ever after at her princess themed birthday party! Everyone will be enchanted when she makes her grand entrance dressed as the princess she is! Whether you do a Disney theme, a royal theme, or choose a specific princess, like Elsa, we have costumes to fit the occasion. We even have prince costumes for little boys! Tiara‘s make a fun party favor for your guests. .



Bam! Pow! Whether you are a Marvel or DC fan, superhero themed parties for kids are always popular. Any small superhero would love to dress up in a superhero costume for a birthday party. And we have plenty of costumes to choose from! Batman, Superman and Spider-Man are always top choices for the boys, but we also have great superhero costumes for girls. You can also create your own superhero using our selection of capes and masks!



Hut, hut, hike! You may think that a sports themed party would only work for little boys, but girls can join in, too! We have costumes for a variety of sports and sports themes, like football, baseball and even nascar! Girls can support their favorite team in a cheerleading costume!


61x9KTAf7lL._SL1200_ 07126162.interactive.a

Woof! Purr! Squeak! An animal-based theme is always a fun and easy option for a child’s birthday party. You can do a Farm theme with cows and sheep, a Forest theme with squirrels and bears, a Jungle theme with monkeys and leopards, or even a Safari theme with tigers and giraffes. The sky is the limit! And, if the kids don’t want to wear full animal costumes, we have animal kits with ears, noses and tails!


Did you like dressing up and playing with costumes when you were a kid? What other kinds of birthday party themes do you think would work great with our costumes?

If you liked this blog, be sure to follow us on Facebook to share your thoughts, or send us a note via email. Be sure to check out our Pinterest boards, too!

Click here to shop all kids costumes on Costume Holiday House.

Choosing the Right Tuxedo for Your Event May 7, 2015

Here at Costume Holiday House we are in the middle of Prom season and Wedding season is just beginning! We always get asked “What’s popular?” or “What do you think would look best?”, so here is our guide to picking the right tuxedo for your event.

The first order of business is learning the lingo of formal wear. Here is a basic description of the components of a tuxedo:

What is a Tuxedo?

A tuxedo is a complete outfit that includes a tuxedo jacket, trousers, a bow tie, and, often, a cummerbund. Tuxedo shops can also provide a shirt and shoes. Vests are a popular alternative to a cummerbund. Here is an overview of the different components of a tuxedo:


The jacket is the centerpiece and the most unique part of a tuxedo. A few elements of the jacket have multiple accepted styles:lapels

  • The Lapels — The most formal style of lapel is peaked, but a shawl collar is equally acceptable.  Notch lapels are worn today, but are considered less formal. In all cases, the left lapel should have a working buttonhole so that a boutonnière may be worn. A distinguishing factor between a tuxedo jacket and a suit jacket is that tuxedo jackets have a satin or silk facing on the lapels.
  • The Buttons — Most tuxedo jackets are single-breasted, with a single button, but double-breasted models are also acceptable. They have between 1 and 4 buttons.

single-doubleAlthough technically not “tuxedo” jackets, we also offer tailcoats, cutaway coats and long jackets.



Formal tuxedo trousers feature a black satin stripe or braid along the outside seams. The trousers need to be high-waisted, so that the vest or cummerbund can fully cover the waist. Because they don’t feature belt loops, tuxedo trousers have adjustable tabs on either side to adjust fit. You may also wear suspenders. They do not have cuffs and pleats are optional.


Tuxedo shirts are traditionally white, but can also be black. You have your choice of three collars styles: wingtip collar, laydown and mandarin. Wing collar shirts have a pleated bib that runs down the front of the shirt. Turndown collar shirts are available with the pleated bib or with a, less formal, flat front. Mandarin collar shirts are considered by many to be old fashioned. They come with a pleated front and are worn without a tie.


Formal shoes are made from highly-polished patent leather. Choose between opera pumps (the most formal option) or oxfords. Most shops also offer spectator-style and matte leather shoes. Thin black socks should be worn with whatever style of shoe you choose.

Untitled Untitled2

Waist Coveringcummber

A tuxedo is worn with a waistcoat (formal vest) or cummerbund. A cummerbund is a pleated sash worn around the waist. A waistcoat is a particular style of vest that is cut low and wide. Waist coverings are offered in a wide variety of colors. Whichever waist covering you choose, it should conceal the waistband of your trousers all the way around.


  • FINAL DIAGRAMSThe Tie– A traditional tuxedo is worn with a bowtie, but a neck tie is also acceptable for many events. Ascots are also available, and are typically worn with the cutaway jackets.
  • The Suspenders – These button or clip-on to the trouser waist  Black or white are equally acceptable.
  • The Pocket Square – Pocket squares are usually added to break up the otherwise uniform look of a tuxedo. They should match your waist covering and bowtie.


A traditional tuxedo is black or dark blue, but they are also available in other colors, such as white, tan or gray.


Full Formal Events (White Tie)

Events that might call for Full Formal attire: Royal Ceremonies, Political Ceremonies, Formal Balls, Opera Openings

The highest formal dress for the evening follows the “white tie” dress code. It is a very strict dress code, which makes it very easy to plan and follow.

  • Jacket – Black or midnight blue tailcoat with peaked lapels and a single button. Can be single-breasted or double-breasted.
  • Trousers – Fabric matching the jacket with two strips of braid down the side.
  • Shirt – White stiff wing collar, with pleated bib front. Matching studs and cufflinks.
  • Shoes – Black patent leather opera pumps or Oxfords.
  • Waist Covering – White low-cut waistcoat.
  • Accessories – White bowtie, Black silk socks. Optional: White pocket square, White gloves, Pocket watch (no wrist watch), Single-flower boutonniere, Top hat

Semi-Formal Events (Black Tie)

Events that might call for Semi-Formal attire: Diplomatic Functions, Awards Ceremonies, Formal Balls, Formal Weddings, Event Openings

In dress code terms, black tie is evening semi-formal attire. If an event is “black tie” it will usually be included in the invitation, and it is also a very strict style.

  • Jacket – Black or midnight blue tuxedo jacket with peaked lapel or shawl collar.
  • Trousers – Fabric matching the jacket with a satin strip down the side.
  • Shirt – Turndown collar is most common but wing collar is also acceptable. Pleated bib front. Matching studes and cufflinks. Button-down collars should never be seen in black tie.
  • Shoes – Black patent leather opera pumps or Oxfords.
  • Waist Covering – Black cummerbund or waistcoat. White waistcoats are also acceptable
  • Accessories – Black bowtie, Black silk socks. Optional: White pocket square, Wrist watch, Single-flower boutonniere

Relaxed Semi-Formal Events

Events that might call for Relaxed Semi-Formal attire: Weddings, Proms, Quinceaneras, Debutante Balls

Tuxedoes for relaxed semi-formal events are what we rent the most. They’re often events in which you must match someone, or where there is a color theme. You have much more freedom with these than with “black tie” and “white tie” events.

  • Jacket – Tuxedo jacket with peaked lapel, notched lapel or shawl collar. Any color is acceptable. Single-breasted or double-breasted. 1 to 4 buttons.
  • Trousers – Fabric matching the jacket with a satin strip down the side.
  • Shirt – Turndown collar is most common but wing collar is also acceptable. Pleated bib front. Matching studes and cufflinks. Button-down collars should never be seen in black tie.
  • Shoes – Patent leather opera pumps or Oxfords to match tuxedo color.
  • Waist Covering – Cummerbund or waistcoat. Typically, you should choose colors to match your date or the theme of the event.
  • Accessories – Bowtie or windsor tie, Dress socks to match the color of the tuxedo. Optional: Pocket square, Wrist watch, Boutonniere


We hope that you have found this guide helpful! If you have any questions about our tuxedos, please call us at 419-334-3236.

Check out our new Princess Line! January 30, 2015

Costume Holiday House, Inc. has created a Princess Line! These gorgeous costumes are available for rent or for  purchase. Check out photos from our recent shoot. Prices will be available soon!

Snow White






Sleeping Beauty



Golden Belle



Little Mermaid



Aladdin’s Princess



Ogre Princess





Ice Queen



Ice Princess



To inquire about how to RENT or PURCHASE one of these costumes, call 419-334-3236 or visit us at www.costumeholidayhouse.com!

Top 10 Musical Costume Rentals of 2014 January 22, 2015

If we were to ask you what you think our busiest time of year is at Costume Holiday House you would probably think Halloween, right? Well, it isn’t! Our biggest business is Theatrical Costume Rentals. While we get a decent amount of show rentals in the fall, we are busiest, by far, in the Spring months. Why? Because every high school in America is doing their Spring Musicals! Last year we costume almost 200 shows and the majority of those took place between February and May.

We have compiled a list of the 10 shows we costumed the most last year and they all happened to be musicals!


10. Pirates of Penzance

Pirates of Penzance (2)

While many people wouldn’t think of Pirates of Penzance as a popular musical, it is very popular to rent costumes for the production. Why? Because there is a whole squadron of British policemen, known as bobbies. They wear a very specific uniform and we have them in all sizes at Costume Holiday House.


9. Guys and Dolls

Guys & Dolls-Group in Unif  (2)

Guys and Dolls has always been popular among high schools, for multiple reasons. Likewise, Guys and Dolls has made our top 10 list every year for as long as we can remember! This is because Guys and Dolls requires a lot of characters wearing identical costumes, like the Mission Band uniforms and the chorus costumes for numbers like “A Bushel and a Peck” and “Take Off Your Mink”.


8. Beauty and the Beast, Jr.


This show was new to our stock last year and it is gaining popularity! Beauty and the Beast (which you will see later in the countdown) is always a hit among young performers. So Music Theatre International made a Junior version, which is a 70-minute version for middle school aged students. As you can imagine, it was just as popular. And because the costumes are so specific, it is also popular to rent them.


7. The Music Man


The Music Man is a classic high school musical. Almost anyone you ask, who participated in musicals in high school, has done this show! Because the show takes place in the early 1900s, it requires period costumes. And we have them all, including the Pick-A-Little Ladies!


6. Les Miserables


Last year was the first year that the license for Les Miserables was available so, naturally, it was very popular. Also, Les Miserables came out as a movie in 2013, which always boosts a shows popularity. While many of the costumes for this show can be put together easily (like the poor and the whores) there are a lot of military uniforms and formal costumes that are usually rented.


5. The Wizard of Oz


The Wizard of Oz has always been one of our most popular shows to rent. It takes place in a fantasy world and the costumes are equally fantastic. There’s a land where everything is candy colored and another where everything is green. Our Lion and Tinman costumes are also very popular, as they are some of the best in the business.


4. The Little Mermaid, Jr.

Little Mermaid (3)

The Little Mermaid, Jr. is a newly released show, and it is very popular. In fact, at one point we had 4 orders for the show on the same weekend! Like The Wizard of Oz, the costumes are all fantasy-based, which makes it easier for theatres to rent them than to try to create them themselves. Also, like any musical based on a film, the costumes are iconic and, therefore, very specific.


3. Cinderella


Cinderella was big last year because it had just finished its National Tour. We get a lot of rentals for this show because it is a combination of fantasy (horses, mice, etc.) and period clothing. Something that we offer that many other costume rental companies don’t, is a choice of time period. We can costume Cinderella to be Medieval, Victorian or even Modern!


2. Shrek The Musical

Shrek (3)

Shrek The Musical was available for the first time last year and it took off! And, not only are the costumes in this show very specific, some of them are used to create physical illusions for certain characters. For example, Lord Farquaad has to look very short, the 3 Pigs have to look fat and round, and Fiona has to go from human-sized to Ogre-sized in an instant! We have the costumes to do that.


1. Beauty and the Beast

Beauty & Beast objects

Since Beauty and the Beast‘s release it has been one of our most popular show rentals. The main reason for this is that our costumes for this show are, in our humble opinion, AWESOME! Another big reason is that the castle objects in the show, especially Cogsworth and Madame de la Grande Bouche, would be very difficult and expensive to make, so most theatres find that it is easier and cheaper to rent them.


For more information regarding our Costume Rentals please visit: http://www.costumeholidayhouse.com/theatre-rentals.html

Meet Our 19 New Mascots! December 23, 2014

1. Sparky Dragon

099 copy

Perfect for Pete’s Dragon or the lady dragon from Shrek!
Sparky Dragon Mascot Costume includes 4 Pieces (Head, Body with attached tail and footcovers)
Item #: RM0707F
Rental Price: $95.95
Deposit: $95.00
Replacement Value: $999.00

2. Flash Dragon


This dragon reminds us of the TV show Dragon Tales!
Flash Dragon Mascot Costume includes 4 Pieces (Head, Body with attached tail and footcovers
Item #: RM0708C
Rental Price: $95.95
Deposit: $95.00
Replacement Value: $999.00

3. Snappy Alligator

109 copy

Snappy is a friendly Alligator!
Alligator Mascot includes 4 pieces (body with attached tail, head and footcovers)
Item #: RM0169F
Rental Price: $85.95
Deposit: $85.00
Replacement Value: $999.00


4. Chomper Crocodile

116 copy

Chomper Crocodile is perfect for your production of Peter Pan!
Crocodile mascot costume includes 4 pieces (Head, body and footcovers)
Item #: RM0170F
Rental Price: $75.95
Deposit: $75.00
Replacement Value: $999.00


5. Fins Fish

046 copy

We’ve never called a fish cute before, but Fins is pretty adorable!
Fish mascot costume includes 4 Pieces (head, body and footcovers)
Item #: RM0113T
Rental Price: $85.95
Deposit: $85.00
Replacement Value: $999.00


7. Puddles Duck


Puddles would be a great addition to any Easter celebration!
Duck mascot costume includes 4 Pieces (Head, Body and Footcovers).
Item #: RM0159C
Rental Price: $85.95
Deposit: $85.00
Replacement Value: $999.00


8. Justice Eagle

067 copy

Justice is a very serious eagle and would be great at any American-themed party.
Justice Eagle mascot costume includes 4 pieces (Head, body and footcovers)
Item #: RM0205T
Rental Price: $85.95
Deposit: $85.00
Replacement Value: $999.00


 9. Bessie Cow

053 copy

Bessie is a lovely holstein who would do well at a dairy!
Bessie cow mascot costume includes 4 pieces (Head, body and footcovers)
Item #: RM0555T
Rental Price: $85.95
Deposit: $85.00
Replacement Value: $999.00


10. Brown Bull

091 copy

For a bull, he’s pretty friendly!
Brown Bull Mascot Costume includes 2 Pieces (Head & Body)
Item #: RM0556F
Rental Price: $65.95
Deposit: $65.00
Replacement Value: $999.00


11. Charlie Horse

082 copy

If you’re looking for a simple horse, Charlie is it.
Charlie Horse Mascot Costume includes 2 Pieces (Head & Body)
Item #: RM0810C
Rental Price: $65.95
Deposit: $65.00
Replacement Value: $999.00


12. Fancy Elephant

026 copy

Fancy Elephant is very similar to Babar from the animated TV show!
Fancy elephant mascot costume includes 7 pieces (Head, shirt, pants, jacket, fatsuit and footcovers)
Item #: RM0234C
Rental Price: $85.95
Deposit: $85.00
Replacement Value: $999.00


13. Brown Elephant


Is he a Brown Elephant or a baby mammoth? That’s up to you!
Brown Elephant Mascot Costume includes 4 Pieces (Head, body and footcovers)
Item #: RM0235F
Rental Price: $75.95
Deposit: $75.00
Replacement Value: $999.00


14. Brown Bear

004 copy

Want a friendly looking bear? This is your guy!
Brown Bear mascot costume includes 4 Pieces (Head, body and footcovers)
Item #: RM0800C
Rental Price: $85.95
Deposit: $85.00
Replacement Value: $999.00


15. Tan Bear

075 copy

Just add a red t-shirt, and you’ve got a very familiar looking bear!
Tan Bear Mascot Costume includes 4 Pieces (Head, Body and footcovers
Item #: RM0809F
Rental Price: $75.95
Deposit: $75.00
Replacement Value: $999.00


16. Humpty Dumpty


This Humpty Dumpty can double as an Easter Egg!
Humpty Dumpty mascot costume includes 8 pieces (Body, pants, gloves, spats and 2 bowties)
Item #: RM0516F
Rental Price: $75.95
Deposit: $75.00
Replacement Value: $999.00


17. Gray Mouse

038 copy

When you look at the Gray Mouse it’s hard to understand how anyone can be afraid of mice!
Gray mouse mascot costume includes 4 pieces (Head, Body and footcovers)
Item #: RM0126C
Rental Price: $85.95
Deposit: $85.00
Replacement Value: $999.00


18. Gray Wolf


This Wolf will huff and puff and blow your house down!
Gray wolf mascot costume includes 5 pieces (Head, Body, footcovers and tail)
Item #: RM0112C
Rental Price: $75.95
Deposit: $75.00
Replacement Value: $999.00


19. Deluxe Rudolph

127 copy

This plus Rudolph comes with a collar that has real jingle bells!
Deluxe Rudolph Mascot Costume Includes 5 Pieces (Head, body, footcovers and collar)
Item #: RM0492
Rental Price: $85.95
Deposit: $85.00
Replacement Value: $1,099.00


To Rent Any of Our Mascots:

Call for Availability

Please call 1-419-334-3236 to order items from our rental shop.

Shipping Charges

The shipping cost for rental items is determined by the size and weight of the box(es) need to ship these items safely. We prefer to use UPS Call Tags for the return shipping service of our rental item(s), this is included in your estimate.

You may contact us with the rental number, rental name and your ship to zip code and we will be glad to give you an estimate for shipping charges.

State Thespian Conferences & Festivals: We’ll be there! November 10, 2014

Every state in the union has an Educational Theatre Association. Essentially, EdTA’s mission is to promote theatre education in school’s and their communities. In support of this, each state’s EdTA offers its members a festival at which participants attend mainstage and studio performances and learn from workshops. Students may also compete in individual events and audition for scholarships. At many of these festivals, there are college recruitors and vendors for both the students and the educators benefit. One such vendor is Costume Holiday House!

There is a representative from Costume Holiday House, Inc. at many of the State Thespian Festivals in the country. We attend in hopes of connecting (or reconnecting) with schools who are in need of costume support for their shows. We speak with directors, costumers and students alike about the advantages of renting with us. Some of the advantages include: low cost, nationwide shipping and a large costume stock. The aspect of Costume Holiday House that is typically the most impressive to high school theatre educators is the fact that you can rent as many or as few costumes as you like, there is no minimum requirement!

If you would like to speak with one of our representatives in person, we will be attending the following Thespian Conferences & Festivals this year:

Iowa        November 14-15        Cedar Falls, IA
Arizona        November 20-22        Phoenix, AZ
Texas         November 20-22        Dallas, TX
Michigan    December 5-6        Saginaw, MI
Colorado    December 4-6        Denver, CO
Kansas        January 8-10        Wichita, KS
Missouri        January 8-10        Kansas City, MO
Illinois        January 8-10        Champaign, IL
Maryland    January 9-10        Frederick, MD
Tennessee    January 16-17        Murfreesboro, TN
Indiana        January 23-25        Indianapolis, IN
Georgia        February 5-7        Columbus, GA
Florida Junior    February 6-7        Melbourne, FL
Ohio Junior    March 7            Akron, OH
Florida        March 25-28        Tampa, FL
Ohio        March 27-29        Bexley, OH
West Virginia    March 26-28        Charleston, WV
International    June 24-29        Lincoln, NE

If your state isn’t listed, don’t worry! We may be adding more festivals as we go. And even if we don’t attend, we send Costume Packets and pamphlets to every single festival so that school representatives can get information about the company and what we have to offer.